Tandoor Oven Cooking at Home

The Unique taste and art of the Tandoor was once only reserved for Royalty and the Chefs that served them. Now thanks to Sumachay Tandoors you too can experience the difference on your taste buds.


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ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16
Sumachay Tandoor Home Clay Oven
ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16
Sumachay Tandoor Home Clay Oven

ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16" X 22")

ST3 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (20
ST3 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (20

ST3 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (20" X 30")

ST2 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (18
ST2 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (18

ST2 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (18" X 26")


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For orders within the Greater Toronto Area we are offering $50 delivery for our Tandoor for Home. This includes Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Oshawa, Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

Tandoori Taste

The High Heat and Natural Clay Walls in our Tandoori Clay Oven will make food juicy and have a unique smokey taste 

Product quality

Tandoori clay oven-making is an ancient art. That's why we source the finest handmade Indian tandoors. Special Clay is used to make them.

Man holding skewers next to stainless steel tandoor

Easy Cooking

Cooking with a charcoal tandoor oven is incredibly easy and rewarding. Its simple design allows for easy cooking while the high heat and efficient insulation ensures your dishes turn out perfectly cooked every time, like the mouthwatering tandoori chicken that gets delicious smoky flavours, making it an exotic and effortless cooking experience.

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Juicier and Healthier

The structure of the tandoor, with its thick clay walls and closed environment, traps the natural juices and flavours of the ingredients being cooked. This means that meats remain soft and juicy, while vegetables keep their freshness and nutrients. The food cooked in a tandoor is healthier because it uses less fats or oils for cooking, especially for naan bread.

Making Naan Bread and Chicken Kebabs in a Special Clay Tandoor
ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16
Sumachay Tandoor Home Clay Oven
ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16
Sumachay Tandoor Home Clay Oven

ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16" X 22")


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About Our Charcoal Tandoors

All our Tandoors for Home are hand-made with Special Clay and imported from India. At Sumachay Tandoors we take the upmost care to deliver great quality tandoors to our customers. We specialize in stainless steel clay ovens that provide the high heat necessary for delicious naan bread and tandoori chicken.

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Sumachay Tandoors Customer

Akshata Koparde


Totally satisfied with my charcoal tandoor Worth every penny and definitely a good recommendation for everyone. Making naan has never been this easy and yummy. Great buy!

Customer Who Purchased a domestic tandoor

Srinivasa B B


The Tandoor Oven, with its ingenious design and smoky flavor infusion, is a versatile culinary gem. Its high temperatures produce succulent grilled meat 🤤, delightful naan, and endless gastronomic possibilities. A must-have for every passionate cook. Highly recommended!

tandoori oven customer leaving a review

Katherine Jeffery


The flavor is amazing and quite unusual. It has never occurred to me as to make tandoori food at home. I have made fruits,breads and even pizza in my tandoor. Happy customer.

What can you cook in a Tandoor?

Tandoori Chicken cooked inside a clay tandoor oven

Tandoori Chicken

Easily the most iconic dish cooked in a tandoor, tandoori chicken uses yogurt-marinated chicken pieces that are skewered and cooked in the tandoor until charred on the outside and juicy on the inside. The tandoor's high heat helps seal in the flavours and moisture.

Tandoori Naan Bread freshly cooked from Tandoor Clay Oven

Naan and Roti

Tandoors are perfect for baking traditional flatbreads like naan and roti. The high heat of the tandoor puffs up the naan bread quickly, creating a soft interior with a slightly crispy exterior.

seekh kebabs cooked inside clay tandoor

Seekh Kebabs

Minced meat, often lamb or beef, is seasoned with aromatic spices, stuffed onto skewers, and then cooked in the tandoori clay oven. The clay oven imparts a unique smokiness to the kebabs.

tandoori fish prepared from clay tandoor oven

Tandoori Fish

Fish fillets, coated with a flavorful marinade, can be grilled to perfection in a tandoor. The high heat ensures that the fish remains tender and absorbs the marinade's flavours.

Tandoori Vegetable created in a tandoor

Tandoori Vegetables

A ton of tandoori vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes can be marinated and grilled in the tandoor, creating a vibrant and healthy dish.

Charcoal burning in home tandoor clay oven

Tandoori Breads

Aside from naan and roti, you can experiment with other types of bread, such as kulcha (stuffed bread) or paratha (layered flatbread), in the tandoor.

The Many Names of The Tandoor

The word 'tandoor' comes from languages like Persian and Akkadian. Long ago, people in a story called the Epic of Gilgamesh used the word 'tinūru' for a special oven made from mud and fire.In Sanskrit, the tandoor was called 'kandu'. As time went on, other languages created their own words, like 'tandūr' in Dari Persian, 't’onir' in Armenian, and 'tanūra' in Assyrian.Many more languages added their own words, like 'təndir' in Azerbaijani, 'tone' in Georgian, and 'tanúr' in Hebrew. Even languages like Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Kurdish, Tajik, Turkish, and many more have their own words for this oven. So, the tandoor has many names in different languages, each showing how important it is in different cultures. 

History of the Tandoor

The tandoor as a clay oven has been around for over 5,000 years. It started with an ancient group of people in the Indus Valley Civilization. The tandoor originally used wood or charcoal to light a fire. This fire gets really hot, even up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit! Old tandoors were shared and were as tall people and partly buried underground. Nowadays, Sumachay Tandoors make small Portable Tandoors for your home with a stainless steel casing.

How to use

When you first use a tandoor oven, you should be careful and start with a small fire. Then, gradually make the fire bigger to heat up the oven slowly. This is really important to make sure the oven lasts a long time. While you do this, you might see tiny cracks on the inside of the oven, but don't worry, this is normal and won't make the clay oven work less. When the clay oven cools down, you won't even notice these cracks. They actually help the clay of the oven handle the heat better. So, the slower you heat up the oven the first time you use it, the fewer tiny cracks you'll see

Special Tandoor Food

A charcoal tandoori clay oven can make different kinds of flatbreads and yummy dishes. Some of the flatbreads it makes are tandoori roti, tandoori naan, and others. One tasty dish is Peshawari Khar, which is made by cooking cashews and cheese in a creamy sauce in the tandoor. Another delicious treat is Balochs and aloos, where potatoes are stuffed with cheese, veggies, and cashews, then roasted in the tandoor. Tangdi kabab is a tasty snack where chicken drumsticks are marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked in the tandoor. They're often served with mint leaves and sliced onions. 

Key Features of our Tandoori Clay Ovens 

Easy Mobility

Designed for home use, Sumachay Tandoors are compact and portable, making them perfect for small outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. The castor wheels also improve their ease of use and storage.

Stainless Steel Casing

Sumachay Tandoors has a double-walled design with efficient insulation, and high heat retention that prevents the exterior from becoming too hot. This promotes high heat cooking!

Indian Clay Construction

Crafted from high-quality special clay, Our Charcoal Tandoor mimics traditional tandoori cooking methods, imparting authentic flavours to dishes like naan bread, kebabs, and tandoori meats.

Accessories Included

Each Sumachay Tandoori Clay Oven comes with essential accessories like skewers, a naan cushion, and a naan hook, making the cooking experience easy and convenient.

Even Heat Distribution

The clay walls of the tandoor give even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked food with consistent textures and flavours across the surface.

High Temperatures

Sumachay Tandoors can reach high temperatures of up to 900°F (480°C), allowing for rapid cooking and the charred and smoky taste associated with charcoal tandoor cooking.

Why buy a Charcoal Tandoori Clay Oven?

Bring the Flavor Home with Sumachay's Charcoal Tandoor Clay Oven!

Ignite your culinary journey with Sumachay Tandoors, the trusted brand that brings the magic of Tandoor to your home. With over a decade of manufacturing and retail excellence, we've perfected the art of crafting Tandoors that cater to your cravings.Our expertise in Tandoor making shines through as we introduce the ultimate BBQ Tandoori oven for home use. Crafted with precision, our clay pot with superior insulation ensures optimal heat retention. The ingeniously designed angled curve at the belly recaptures rising heat, resulting in perfectly cooked crispy exteriors and succulent, moist interiors. Elevate your BBQ game and experience the joy of Tandoori Clay Oven cooking with Sumachay.

Sumachay stands as a prominent Clay Oven Tandoor manufacturer from India

boasting years of industry experience and adherence to quality standards. Our range of Clay Oven Tandoors for sale in Canada caters to diverse needs, whether for small family feasts or larger gatherings. Ideal for home kitchens, small eateries, catering ventures, and everything in between.

Unlocking the Excellence of Sumachay's Tandoori Clay Oven:

Our Home Tandoor reflects meticulous research and expertise, setting a benchmark for premium quality and value. Unmatched efficient insulation slashes charcoal usage, while user-friendly features ensure effortless cooking. Portability takes center stage, making it a companion for impromptu picnics and outings. Handmade from special clay, it goes through intense high-heat conditions for the best quality tandoori experience.

Preserving Tradition:

Sumachay's cylindrical clay oven pots combine natural clay's thickness with the protection of a stainless steel casing. The modern stainless steel exterior gives durability against weather elements, all while looking good.

Tantalizing Tastes, Nutritious Delights:

Experience the culinary revolution with Sumachay's Clay Oven Tandoor. A treasure trove of nutrition, aroma, and flavor awaits as you grill smoked meats, sizzle vegetables, and bake bread to perfection. The innate insulation and porosity of clay ensure that dishes retain moisture and nutrients, delighting the palates of food enthusiasts.

Your Tandoor for Home Haven Awaits:

Step into a world of culinary marvels with Sumachay's Tandoor for home. Elevate your home cooking experience and unleash the magic of the Tandoori Clay Oven right in your kitchen.

Our Story

Welcome to Sumachay Tandoors, where the heartwarming flavors of tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to enrich your culinary journey. Our story is one of passion, perseverance, and the fusion of cultures that has resulted in the creation of exceptional tandoors that grace homes and restaurants alike.

Our Founder: A Visionary's Journey

In the vibrant tapestry of Delhi's culinary landscape, the tale of Sumachay Tandoors begins in 1995 with a young Afghan immigrant named Rahim Farid. Driven by an insatiable desire to preserve and share the unique art of crafting tandoors from his homeland, Rahim embarked on a journey that would forever change the culinary scene in India.

From Struggle to Triumph

Rahim's initial steps were laden with challenges. From adapting to a new culture to mastering the art of tandoor craftsmanship, his path was far from easy. However, his unwavering determination led him to establish a humble facility in Agar Nagar, where the essence of his homeland's tandoor-making techniques began to take shape. Today, that very facility stands as a testament to his unyielding dedication.

Igniting a Culinary Revolution

Sumachay Tandoors initially catered to the culinary needs of restaurants, with its tandoors quickly gaining recognition for their unparalleled quality. Yet, destiny had grander plans. A chance encounter with a discerning connoisseur marked a turning point in Rahim's journey. When a wealthy patron requested a tandoor for his personal abode, Rahim's ingenuity struck gold.

Innovating for Homes: A Legacy Defined

Inspired by the idea of bringing the essence of traditional tandoor cooking to homes, Rahim conceptualized a range of home tandoors that seamlessly married authenticity with convenience. Designed with utmost thoughtfulness, these tandoors boasted wheels for mobility and skewers adorned with polished wooden handles, ensuring an experience that resonated with the soul of Afghan hospitality.

Quality Redefined, Accessibility Attained

What truly set Sumachay Tandoors apart was Rahim's commitment to quality and accessibility. With an unshakable belief that culinary excellence should be enjoyed by all, he ingeniously reduced production costs without compromising on craftsmanship. This revolutionary approach democratized the pleasure of tandoor cooking, making it accessible to households across India.

Our Promise: A Taste of Tradition, a Touch of Home

As a brand that draws from the cultural richness of Afghanistan and the vibrancy of India, Sumachay Tandoors stands as a symbol of unity and authenticity. Our tandoors do not merely cook food; they evoke a sense of nostalgia, a connection to heritage, and an invitation to explore flavors beyond the ordinary. Every tandoor we craft carries with it the legacy of Rahim's vision, his journey, and his fervor for culinary artistry.

Join Our Journey

At Sumachay Tandoors, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey that transcends time and borders. Whether you are a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, our tandoors promise to elevate your creations, infusing them with the magic of tradition and the allure of innovation. Join us in celebrating the union of cultures, the harmony of flavors, and the legacy of Rahim Farid, as we continue to share the heartwarming art of tandoor cooking with the world.

Ignite your passion for cooking. Experience the essence of tradition. Welcome to Sumachay Tandoors.

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