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Sumachay Tandoor

ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16" X 22")

ST1 Deluxe Domestic Tandoor (16" X 22")

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Unleash the culinary artist within you with the ST1 Deluxe, a medium-sized home tandoor oven designed to cater to gatherings of up to 15 people. This portable marvel brings centuries-old cooking techniques right to your home or garden.

Crafted in India with the expertise of skilled artisans, the ST1 Deluxe boasts an authentic Indian clay oven tandoor design. The handcrafted clay pot, nestled within an elegant stainless steel casing with heavy insulation, ensures optimal heat retention, guaranteeing consistent cooking temperatures for flavoursome perfection.

Enhance Your Culinary Journey:

  1. Complete Accessory Kit: Elevate your cooking experience with the ST1 Deluxe's assortment of free accessories. Enjoy 5 x 4mm stainless steel round rod skewers for paneer tikka, prawns, and veggies, along with 5 x 6mm stainless steel square rod skewers for tantalizing meats, tikka’s, and kebabs. Delight in 2 x 8mm thick Naan skewers, 1 x gaddi (naan cushion), and a stainless steel lid for the tandoor.

  2. Mobility and Stability: Equipped with 4 heatproof castors, including a stopper on one castor for added stability, the ST1 Deluxe allows easy mobility for versatile cooking locations.

  3. Comprehensive Care Package: Our thoughtful care package includes a jar of clay seasoning lotion, a 10mm burner baffle plate (for gas tandoor), and a lump of clay for repairs, ensuring your ST1 Deluxe stands the test of time.


  • Diameter: 16″
  • Height: 22″
  • Mouth Diameter: 10″
  • Weight: 80 kgs

The ST1 Deluxe is a seamless addition to your kitchen, offering the authentic taste of Indian cuisine in the comfort of your home. Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized gatherings, its compact size and durable handcrafted clay pot housed in stainless steel casing make it a reliable and enduring cooking appliance.

Take your culinary skills to new heights and infuse your dishes with the essence of India. The ST1 Deluxe is the ultimate choice for cooking enthusiasts who appreciate the rich traditions of Indian cooking.

Order your ST1 Deluxe today! Immerse yourself in the world of flavours and create unforgettable dining experiences with this exceptional tandoor oven.

Packed weight & dimensions: 84 lbs, 18″ x 18″ x 27″.

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